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Hair Coloring FAQs

Q: What is a single process color?
A: single process color is an all over color where you don’t have to tone or process the hair twice

Q: Is there a difference between cap and foil highlights?
A: we don’t do cap highlights that is an old technique that was popular in the 80s. It’s rather painful!!!!

Q: Do you use computer imaging or photo books?
A: photo books

Q: Can I swim in a chlorinated pool after color?
A:it’s not recommended right after a color as it could strip out the color or turn blonde green. But after you’ve had the color for a couple weeks then you can use Paul Mitchell the conditioner on wet hair and leave it in before you go in the pool.

Q: What is the difference between permanent and semi permanent hair color
A:semi permanent is a temp color that will eventually wash away with no line of demarcation. Permanent color attaches to the cuticle and grows out with your hair it needs a touch up at the roots.

Q: Can I color or bleach my hair during pregnancy?
A: Yes, it’s an old wives tale.

Q: Can I dye over my previous hair color using a supermarket box dye?
A:Supermarket color has high ammonia so it reactivates all the old dye molecules and makes it progressive which can give you unwanted dark tones at the ends and different colored roots. So we don’t recommend it.

Q: Can I lighten my hair?
It went through a lot of processing already.

A:if you use Paul Mitchell lightner it has less than 1% ammonia so there will be little or no damage to the hair.

Q: Can I use a straightening iron on color-treated hair?
A:yes it’s perfectly fine as long as your using a thermal protectant such as gloss drops or hot off the press.