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Hair Extensions FAQs

Q:  What type of hair do you use?
A:  100 % Human Hair.  Hand sewn, not machine sewed, which keeps the cuticle smooth.

Q: How long do extensions last?
A: 6 months to 1 year

Q: How much hair do I need?
A: it really depends on the clients, everyone varys according to the size of the head and length desired etc

Q: Will extensions ruin my hair?
A: Not at all. Our technique doesn’t use heat or glue. So it’s very gentle on the natural hair.

Q: Up Keep?
A: it depends on how fast the hair grows,  some people have to come in once a month and some people it’s 3 months. It’s all about the growth and how the client takes care of the hair

Q: Products?
A: professional product only. We recommend Paul Mitchell shampoo one and the detangler. For a weekly treatment we recommend Super Charge Moisturizer. And if any flat ironing or heat is used then Paul Mitchell Gloss Drops and Hot off the Press is recommended on dry hair.

Q: How can I estimate the cost of my extensions since the prices vary?
A: Sometimes clients only need a half a head of extensions and the price is less for that.

Q: I have short hair and would like to know how long my hair should be in order to get extensions?
A: it should be at least to the chin for us to be able to blend the hair.